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Musings of an Adult Fan Fiction Writer

Ramblings of a Bipolar Woman

Mood icons made by mychalain. Header made by gypsy_morph. Wallpaper made by rollina. Friends only banner made by gypsy_morph. "Support the Wraith" stamp made by rollina.

If you'd like to see my adult dragons from Dragon Cave, you can find them on My Scroll.

New dragons from Dragon Adopters!


My pony stars accounts:
First Pony Stars account
Second Pony Stars account
Third Pony Stars account
Fourth Pony Stars account
Fifth Pony Stars account
Sixth Pony Stars account
Seventh Pony Stars account

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Thanks to JenKM1216 (gypsy_morph)for the picture! It is so cute!

Okay, as some of you may know, I have a new obession--Stargate Atlantis. I've also roped gypsy_morph into it as well. She made a couple of banners and was nice enough to share, so here they are!


Ronon and Todd


Banner made by sasusc. Thanks for letting me use it!



These banners were made by naamiaiset! Thanks for letting me post them!

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Thanks to JenKM1216 for my Remus LJ pic and the userpic banners! She also made the Avater: The Last Airbender banner for me. All rights to Avatar: The Last Airbender belong to Youkai Yume and Nickelodeon.

Remus Lupin Is LOVE.

Banner made by Foreveralan! Thanks to charmed310 for the banner!

I am a 29 year old, divorced, single mother of two boys, ages 9 and 8. I write fan fiction, mostly Harry Potter and Charmed. I love my kids and my family. I am very close to my friends and would do anything for them. I am a fairly compassionate and understanding person. Usually it takes a lot to piss me off, but once you do, I sever all ties. Some people think that because of my overall demeanor that I am a push over. They find out pretty quickly that just because I am a nice person and choose to treat others as I want to be treated does not mean that I will play childish games. I hate pathological liars and people who embellish what wonderful people they are, only to stab you in the back at the first opportune moment. I do not like being manipulated and I am very good about figuring out your intentions within the first few seconds of a conversation. All I ask for from my friends is honesty and a bit of compassion when I need it. I prefer two-way friendships to ones where one person does all the giving only to receive nothing in return. There really isn't much more to say about me.

I would like to send love out to JenKM1216 (gypsy_morph), who has been a true friend to me through good times and bad. She is always there and I truly hope that I am half the friend to her that she is to me. I love you, sis!

I have added my new IM for friends only to view. Feel free to IM me, but please email me first and let me know your screen name.

Squee!!! gypsy_morph (JenKM1216) and I went to Phoenix Rising!

My story Voldy, Demons, and Death Eaters! Oh My! was nominated at the Multifaceted Awards under the category of Insecurity-Best Crossover by my friend nyx_asteria. I am overjoyed and honored to say that my story won! Thanks to all those who were nice enough to vote for me! Since Voldy won, JenKM1216 (gypsy_morph) has been betaing this story for me so that I would be able to get the story posted at Sycophant Hex's Mage archive under the Chaos category. The first six chapters have been posted to Chaos.

They did not get awards made for the crossovers, so JenKM1216 (gypsy_morph) was nice enough to make this one for me! Isn't she just the best?

I would also like to thank nyx_asteria for making me this wonderful banner forVoldy She just rocks! Thank you! Love you!

JenKM1216 (gypsy_morph) was nice enough to go back in and make me this using nyx_asteria's wonderful banner! She just rocks! They both do! I love you ladies!

I have another story called A Romance From A Tragedy, which is posted on the Mage archive under the Wolfsbane category. I am proud and honored to say that this story is featured at The Petulant Poetess this month! Thanks to notsosaintly and her wonderful admins for choosing my fic to be featured! Thanks to Phoenix (ltgarrix) and Cherrypit8 for betaing this story for me! Summary: After tragedy strikes an American woman, she leaves for England to find her sister’s killer. She meets Remus Lupin, who has just lost James and Lily Potter, and believes that Sirius betrayed them. Will they be able to heal together?

JenKM1216 (gypsy_morph) made me this awesome banner for A Romance From A Tragedy! She is so good to me! Thank you, sis! You rock!

I also have a new crossover that I am working on called Two Worlds Coming Together. It is a Charmed/X-Men crossover and is being posted Mage's Chaos category. I would like to thank JenKM1216 (gypsy_morph) for agreeing to beta this story for me as well. Summary: The Charmed Ones are helping a young witch named Billie look for her sister who was kidnapped by a demon. What happens when the X-Men find the young woman and the two girls are reunited?

I also have a story that I am working on with JenKM1216 (gypsy_morph), under the penname janecemorrighan, called We Wish We Had This Much Fun On Vacation, or just Vacation. Selene also nominated Vacation at the Multifaceted Awards and it came in Joint Runner-Up in the category Courage! Thank you to all those wonderful people who voted for the two stories! You guys and gals rock!

Jen and I also have two other WIP called Rigidness Aside and Sweet Revenge. Rigidness Aside has won Runner-up in round six of the Multifaceted Awards in the categories Laughter and Pride! Thanks to whoever was kind enough to nominate us and all those who were nice enough to vote for us! You ladies and gentlemen rock!

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